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PS Plus: July’s Games Have Been Changed, Detroit: Become Human Replaces Pro Evo 2019 (Available Now)

Your PS Plus games for July are now available to download, though things are not as expected. When Sony announced July’s PS Plus lineup, consisting of Konami’s Pro Evo 2019 and Horizon Chase Turbo, fans weren’t too happy. Many took to Twitter, Reddit, and even the original PlayStation blog post to voice their dismay at what they considered an abysmal month.

Sony has gotten the message loud and clear, and has responded by swapping out Pro Evo 2019 for its own Detroit: Become Human. I don’t think this has ever happened before, at least not due to players kicking up a stink.

While Detroit: Become Human may not be to everybody’s taste, it should at least appeal to more subscribers than Pro Evo 2019. What’s more is that this is the special digital edition of the game, so you’re not only getting Detroit: Become Human, but also the PS4 port of Quantic Dreams’ Heavy Rain. Yay, three games in total!

Hey, maybe if we all kick up a bit of a fuss about PlayStation Plus providing less value for more money than last year, Sony will bend over and stump up a couple more free games per month. Wishful thinking…

Source: PlayStation Blog

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