PS Plus May 2021: Battlefield V, Wreckfest PS5, and Stranded Deep Are Your Freebies

May 2021’s PlayStation Plus games have been announced and there are no real surprises here as Sony doles out the usual three-game deal. No surprise extras this month, unfortunately.

Sony has announced which games will be free in May 2021 as part of the PlayStation Plus membership program. It’s a three-game deal this month if you’re on PS5, or two if you’re on PS4.

The remastered version of Wreckfest for PS5 is the big deal this time around, though it is only for PS5 players. If you’re on PS4, you do not get the PS4 version of Wreckfest.

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Battlefield V and Stranded Deep round out the trio of games this month and some fans are disappointed that, aside from Wreckfest on PS5, the other games are quite old. That’s the nature of PS Plus. It’s a monthly mystery box, and this month is poor.

All of the above games will be available to download and play from May 4th, while the current lineup for April 2021 will be taken away on May 3rd, so make sure you’ve got them added to your download list if you haven’t already.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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