PS Plus Platinum Weekend Sale (US)

Sure, Europe has their own version of this sale, but America has some deals too. They aren’t slouches either. We have Spider-Man DLC on sale, and I’m happy to see it. The game itself has gone on sale many times, but the DLC has been heavily discounted whether you buy a single piece for $5.99 or the entire bundle of three for $14.99.

We also have some heavy-hitters from big franchises. Rockstar’s GTA V is on sale for $14.99, and Red Dead Redemption 2 is $35.99. Multiple versions of The Division 2 and Watch Dogs 2 are on sale. Battling monsters or people who behave like monsters in Rage 2 or Metro: Exodus is only $29.99. Days Gone is $41.99, but you can do better than that on Amazon right now if you don’t mind physical games. There are more titles, but the selection is limited. If you have been waiting for Blood & Truth, it’s only $19.99, and that’s the real deal this weekend.

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The Platinum Weekend Sale will only last until September 16, so you’ll need to jump on any of these games you like. You can see the full list here, and be sure to let us know if these are cheaper elsewhere.

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