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PS Vita Firmware Update 3.73 Released, But Why?

The PS Vita has been long-dead in the eyes of Sony and just about every big-name publisher. The only companies still releasing games onto the handheld are typically indies and a few Japanese companies due to the console’s popularity in Japan, yet Sony is still pushing out firmware updates for the PS Vita.

The latest firmware update for PS Vita was released this week with firmware update 3.73. What does it do? Not a lot. The usual system stability is the order of the day, though if you’re one of the naughty boys or girls who have hacked your console for one reason or another, you may find your tinkering undone. If you’re a homebrew enthusiast, I’d say you’re best off not update to the new firmware just yet.

It’s a little odd that Sony is still supporting the Vita with firmware updates, but I suppose it has to show it is doing something to protect against piracy and the like.

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