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PS Vita Has Sold 5 Million Units in Japan, Not Bad, Right?

Ah, the PS Vita. It’s had a long and troubled history, and it’s all but been abandoned by Sony, but at least it’s still enjoying some success in the world. More specifically, in the Japanese part of the world.

The mighty little handheld console has managed to sell 5 millions units since its release in Japan back in 2012. Globally, the PS Vita is thought to have sold around 12 millions units, so it’s not exactly done terribly. Still, while the PS Vita may be enjoying some great support in Japan in the form of home-grown Vita exclusives, the console’s days are numbered here in the west.

Between Sony dropping all first-party support for the game and most major publishers shying away from the device, it’s only a matter of time before it’s resigned to the pages of video game history. PS Vita 2, anyone?

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NeoGaf, 4Gamer

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