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PS Vita System Update 3.70 Released, Does Nothing Special

Sony has pushed out a new update today for the PS Vita, and that update is version 3.70. Don’t get too excited, mind, as it’s a pretty boring update – but that’s what we’ve come to expect from the PS Vita side of things these days.

The new update is more stability and, I suspect, closing of loopholes that hackers are using to play homebrew games and apps on the little machine.

Honestly, it’s surprising that Sony is even bothering at this point. New games are few and far between at this stage of the Vita’s life (is it even alive?), so it’s strange to see Sony is still putting some resources towards the machine it officially abandoned years ago. I guess it has to be seen doing something against the hacking community, but there will come a point when Sony stops updating the console and then I won’t have to waste my time writing articles like this. C’mon, Sony, just let it go.

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