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PS VR Going Superhuman as Marvel Announce Development Plans

Jay Ong, a senior VP at Marvel, has announced that fans should anticipate VR-related announcements, news that they are “really excited” to share.

Ong was asked during an interview with GameSpot what fans can expect, video game wise, to which he replied:

It’s going to be exciting here. Absolutely expect some announcements in VR, that’s something we’re really excited about. I think our fans are going to go crazy. The things we’re doing there are absolutely amazing.

Ong continued by saying that VR will be treated like their other platform releases: taken seriously and not just a “novelty “.

He also expressed his confidence that Spider Man will end up being “one of the best games on the platform.”

In VR, we have that same ambition. We think if we do something there, it shouldn’t be just for the novelty of it. It should be something that defines the platform, that defines the experience. Certainly we’re looking to build when Spider-Man comes out, it’ll be one of the best games on the platform, and when Avengers comes out, it’ll be one of the best games on those platforms. We think our efforts in VR will be the same thing.

Spider Man is being developed by Insomniac, hush-hushly, and is hopefully set to launch sometime this year.

Does this news excite you? Or does the thought of swinging by a web in VR get more than your Spidey-senses tingling (cue vomit jokes)?  Let us know. 

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