PS VR Ultimate FAQ – Sony Answers Your Questions

We’re all getting our journalistic panties damp over here at Pure PlayStation, with the launch of PS VR less than ten days away. Sony has seen fit to build the excitement with a comprehensive FAQ answering just about every question you could possibly ask about VR. You can read the FAQ in full here, then come join us for a rundown and our take below.

If you still have questions on PS VR, today is your opportunity to get answers, as Sony have released an ultimate FAQ on their blog that gives a comprehensive run down of features, specs, compatible games, numbers for upcoming titles and more.

Most of the details within will be familiar to anyone who has been avidly following the coverage for the headset, but some more personal, general user questions have been answered here that we know certain people are asking. For example, Sony have confirmed that the headset allows additional space so that those of us who wear glasses can continue to do so while playing, with only ‘Unusual’ or ‘exceptionally large’ glasses being out – sorry Kanye.

It’s totally up front about which peripherals will be required and which are optional, too. This is something that hasn’t always been made clear in PS VR marketing and it’s good to see this in black and white for consumers who may not yet be aware. You will need a PlayStation camera to use your VR headset (sold separately) but the dual move controllers are optional (for most games), with a Dualshock 4 being all that is required.

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So far, Sci-fi VR shooter ‘Farpoint‘ is the only game that will require the use of the yet to be released PS VR aim controller, though it seems as though more first person shooters may at least offer support for the controller going forward. (On a personal note, we’re glad this controller is only being used for VR, as we won’t be able to see ourselves wielding the design which seems to have been based on a bicycle frame and ping pong ball combination.)

 Details about the separate processor and HDMI splitter that comes with the headset are also confirmed – apparently this will support 4K output to compatible TV’s, but not HDR.

Not much in the way of ground breaking new information, which you might expect this close to release, but it’s nice to have all these queries answered in one place. Also, the fact that PS VR users will all have something to play from day one, with the free Playroom VR download and the demo disc that comes with the headset, suggests good things for the future of the peripheral.

Are you as excited as we are for PS VR’s October 13th release date? Have you pre-ordered, or will you be queuing up at stores on day one? Let us know in the comments below. You can still order the Sony PS VR on this link to Amazon UK for £349.99. It’s also possible to bundle this with Move controllers and the PS Camera. But, disappointingly, there’s no special bundle discount just yet.

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