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PS2 GTA Games on PS4 Receive Patches to Bring Parity Between US/EU Release

Sony has found a way to bring PS2 Classics to the PS4 by using some nifty emulation. That’s all good and well and we we’re happy enough when we found out it was happening, but then after game’s released in the EU seemed to run a lot less smoother than with our North American counterparts, us Europeans got in a huff.

The problem was that games were being displayed at 50hz for European releases and 60hz for North American copies. The problem was that the 50hz setting just made some games feel strange to play, especially the GTA games which rely on a solid performance to keep us locked into their murderous open world cities.

There’s good news, then, as an update has been released to address the problems with the PS2 GTA games on PS4. The¬†updates are rolling out across Europe and by the magic of code they transform the 50hz into 60hz. What a time to be alive, eh?

Patch notes:

Version 1.01

Refresh rate has been upgraded from 50hz/25fps to 60hz/30fps.

Bug fixes

At the time of writing, only GTA Vice City and GTA III have received this update. San Andreas is still waiting for such an update. It’s also worth pointing out that the art for each of the updated games has been changed on the XMB, too.

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