PS2 Inspired PS5

PS2 Inspired PS5s Off The Menu Due to Threats

As reported previously, custom company SUP3R5 were selling custom PS2 inspired PS5 consoles with limited availability, with units set to be delivered in Spring.

However, due to staff allegedly receiving threats, the company has cancelled all orders. The news broke via a statement on their now-deleted Twitter account with a tweet stating that the “team began receiving credible threats to their safety”. As a consequence of these supposed threats, the company cancelled all of its orders, which had sold out in seconds even despite its price being higher than retail.

The desperate rush for the highly sought after console reportedly led to failed or incomplete orders and as such many unhappy customers in the US. As a result of this, the international launch of the custom device was delayed.

“We take these threats seriously, and as a result, we’re not proceeding forward. All orders are being cancelled with full refunds.” The company stated, although some customers have alleged that they have yet to receive their money.

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“We intended this to be a fun way to celebrate a shared nostalgia. As it turns out, there are people out there who are willing to interfere with that. If we determine it’s safe to try again, we will. For now, please stay safe,” the statement said.

PlayStation 5 stock has been the central topic in the world of gaming for the last couple of months, with the system selling out almost immediately after restock.

SUP3R5 had offered the first definitive stock replenish of 2021 with its custom console, but for now, that has been on hold and those after the allusive console will have to wait for Sony to churn out some more.

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