PS3 Players Won’t Be Able to Message PS4 or PS Vita Players From June 30th

The end of the road looks in sight for the ageing PS3 as Sony has posted an update on its Japanese site explaining that the PS3 will be losing some functions this summer, namely, the ability for PS3 players to communicate with PS4 and PS Vita players.

From June 30th, 2020, PS3 systems will not be able to send messages to other platforms, and other platforms won’t be able to send messages to PS3, and the display of alerts between PS3 on PS4 and PlayStation Messages App.

In other words, if you’re still rocking the PS3 as your primary gaming system, you won’t be able to message your mates who play on PS4 and PS Vita. It’s a shame, but it’s inevitable that the PS3 will soon start winding down its services, and Sony will soon start to end support for the console.

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The PS3 released back in 2006, so it’s been available for around 14 years. That’s not bad, and I don’t think anyone could be sour with Sony pulling the plug anytime soon. Well, so long as game downloads stay intact, that is.

Source: PlayStation Japan

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