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PS4 Controllers Are Being Restocked, New Favourites Are Back

I’m not sure of how many of you will have been waiting to buy a new PlayStation 4 controller – what with the restrictions on how many people are allowed in your house (and therefore on your couch), plus the upcoming PlayStation 5. But apparently quite a few gamers have been waiting for Sony to restock a number of favourites, which is something they are doing this week. So, if you’ve been disheartened by your favourite coloured controller being out of stock, now is the time to grab one.

However, Sony is simply giving the advice of ‘Check stock with your local retailer’. So, you may have a merry dance ahead.

That’s to be expected, though. After all, we can’t exactly expect the company to provide a city-by-city breakdown of where they’re sending replenishments. That would be above and beyond the call of duty, to say the least. But with us all being so housebound at the moment, checking with smaller retailers isn’t as easy as it was either. And with it being a time when they could do with the sales, that’s a little sad.

It’s also described as ‘participating stores only’, so that limits things even more. At this rate, the only people benefiting will be Amazon and the like…

According to the post over on the PlayStation Blog, Berry Blue, Red Camouflage and Rose Gold are all making a comeback. But with there being more than 25 choices in total, they are far from your only option. So, even if you thought you’d made your mind up, that could be about to change. Is anyone reading this still using the plain one, though?

Source: PlayStation Blog

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