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PS4 Deal: Borderlands 3 is £19.99 on PS4 and Xbox One at UK Retailer GAME Until December 31st

If you’ve not gotten your hands on a copy of Borderlands 3 on PS4 or Xbox One yet, you’ll soon be able to get it a really good discount. The downside is that you’ll have to enter a GAME store to get the great discount.

From December 19th, Borderlands 3 (standard edition) will be priced at just £19.99 at UK retailer GAME. This discount isn’t for used copies, but brand new, unopened (hopefully…) copies of Gearbox’s looter-shooter. The discount will run until December 31st, so if you end up with some cash or GAME vouchers after Christmas, you’ll be able to pick up a bargain.

Borderlands 3 released to critical acclaim earlier this year, with our own Kyle Durant giving the looter-shooter (I hate that term, by the way) a very positive review. You can read his glowing review through here.

As always, you can expect the likes of Amazon to price-match this offer, so be on the lookout there if you really don’t want to go into a GAME store.


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