PS4 Exclusive Aces of the Multiverse Gets Its First Free DLC Today

Sony Interactive Entertainment Spain and XPLORA have announced today that the PS4 exclusive Aces of the Multiverse is to get its first bit of free DLC today, and it’ll also be bringing some quality of life improvements to the game, too.

Quantic Fems adds a brand new species to the game, as well a new arena and three new IA teams. The game’s story mode also gets expanded upon with two new episodes to play through: Sputnik Bears vs Riot Angels and Riot Angels vs Radiostar Freaks. As well as new content, the new free DLC brings some quality of life changes to the game as well as improved graphics with new visual effects and the customary dose of bug-squashing and glitch-fixing.

The DLC is free to download from today. It should already download if you’ve got automatic updates switched on. If not, simply select the game tab, press ‘options’ and then click ‘check for update’ and it’ll get it started.

Aces of the Multiverse is an exclusive title that encourages physical activity amongst its players and it was released last December as a digital-only title in the PlayStation Store® for €14,99 /14.99$. This new title from the PlayStation Talents® initiative is a fantasy and sports local multiplayer game where different species from the multiverse compete in tricky football matches that will put players’ skills to a test. The game mixes strategy, sports, and trading cards, with each team possessing special abilities depending on its planet of origin.

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