PS4 Exclusive Driveclub Getting Hardcore Mode and More in February Update

PS4 Exclusive Driveclub Getting Hardcore Mode and More in February Update

Driveclub has come a long way since its troubled launch many, many moons ago. The game was practically unplayable for some with the online features just not working at all. It’s strange to think, looking back, that the game was ever in such a state. These days it’s a premium racer that PlayStation fans have come to love in part due to the hard work by Evolution Studios and its constant updates.

The new update for Driveclub is coming in February, and with it comes a slew of new features. For hardcore racers that want an even greater challenge, Driveclub will introduce a new mode called, erm, Hardcore. It’ll do away with many of the game’s assist features to create a more sim-like experience. We’ll stick with easy mode for now…

That’s not all, though, as Evolution also has a few more goodies planned for February’s update, including the ability to race with the game’s Photo Mode filters being active while you chase down some new trophies and stars. Snazzy.

We’re still some way away from seeing the update roll out on PS4, but February will be here soon enough and we’ll be giving our thoughts and opinions on the new update when it becomes available.

Driveclub’s a corker these days but has it managed to keep you glued to the steering wheel? Let us know down in the comments section below.

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