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PS4 Exclusive Hero Shooter Holfraine Releases March 3rd

Sony Interactive Entertainment Spain and developer Fluxart Studios have announced today that the PS4 exclusive hero shooter, Holfraine, will be releasing on PS4 this coming March 3rd. To celebrate the game’s release date announcement, Sony and Fluxart Studios have slapped together a tasty trailer showing the game in action.

Interestingly, Holfraine came around due to the PlayStation Talents Initiative, being developed at the Valencia PlayStation Games Camp.

Holfraine will not be getting a physical release, at least not to begin with, and will only be available digitally on the PlayStation Store.

About Holfraine

Holfraine is a Hero Shooter that encourages players to fight in fast-paced 3v3 online matches with a groundbreaking twist: every match gives players different ways of scoring victory points, from eliminating the rival squad to protecting a specific area or capturing a drone. Matches will last up to 10 minutes, and players will have to create strategies along with their teammates in order to score points in as many ways as possible to secure the win when facing their enemy.

Holfraine lets players choose between six different classes, each one with its unique perks, and 30+ skins that won’t only change the characters appearance but its base stats, thus adding an extra layer of depth to the game. Holfraine was awarded the Best Competitive Game award at the IV PlayStation®Talents Awards in 2017.

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