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PS4 Firmware 5.50 Beta Phase 3 is Out Now… We Don’t Know What it Does

Sony has pushed through the third update for its PS4 firmware 5.50 beta. While that may sound exciting, it’s actually not. Why? Well, we’re ashamed to say it (even if we’re not alone in saying so) but we don’t actually know what this new update to beta actually does.

The third beta update went live today but there were no patch notes alongside it, so we’re clueless as to what it actually does. As far as we can tell there aren’t any new features and nothing has been removed. However, it is an update afterall, so perhaps this is just one of those updates that just cleans the code a little? Obviously we’re guessing, but as it doesn’t seem to do anything significant, it’s probably not worth getting worked up about. Probably wasn’t worth the time it took to knock the article together…



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