PS4 Firmware Update 4.05 is Out Now, Isn’t Just Stability

There’s a new firmware update out for the PS4 today with version 4.05 being made available by Sony right this moment. If you’ve not yet had the download initiate, you can manually start it by going to the settings menu and checking for an update.

The latest firmware update isn’t that big, though it’ll still steal around 312MB away from your hard drive. Usually we’d make a joke about how the latest firmware update is making the already stable console even more stable, but that’s not the case today. No, the PS4 update 4.05 is actually a little different in that the patch notes state:

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This system software update improves the quality of the system performance.

How peculiar, eh? We’ve got the latest update installed on two of our PS4’s here at Pure PlayStation HQ, yet we haven’t been able to notice any significant changes to the system. Perhaps this is just Sony’s new way of rolling out stability updates? Who knows…

Have you found anything with the new update, or is it just as unremarkable as we suspected? Give us a shout down below if you find there’s a secret menu or something else that’s equally awesome. 

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