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PS4 Firmware Update 6.50 Out Now, Brings Remote Play to iOS; Still No Name Changes

Sony has released a brand new update today for the PS4. The latest firmware update, version 6.50, is has been pushed out and is available to download and install right now.

Unlike the previous few updates, this one actually does something! The 6.50 update brings Remote Play support to iOS devices. It has been possible to Remote Play to iOS before today, but it required jailbreaking your phone/tablet and wasn’t always the best experience. This new update makes it an official feature, though it’s still not perfect as you can’t use your trusty DualShock 4 controller just yet. It’s a bit of a nuisance but it’s better than nothing, and if you’re really a big fan of playing games on your phone then I’m guessing you’ve probably got a dedicated iOS-ready controller to hand.

The rest of the update is not as much fun, unfortunately. We’re still missing out on the ability to change usernames, despite it being a part of the 6.50 beta. It could well be that it just wasn’t ready in time for this update’s release and that it’ll release as part of a stability update in the near future. On the other hand, we may have to wait until the inevitable 7.00 update. Fingers crossed for the former…

The PS4 6.50 update is relatively small, clocking in at around 463MB. It won’t take you an afternoon to download and it wont’ eat into your precious hard drive space. Phew. The details for the rest of the update can be found down below:

PS4 Firmware Update Version 6.50 Patch Notes:

Main Features in Version 6.50 Update

Other Features

  • You can now choose 720p when you broadcast using Niconico Live. This service is available only in certain countries and regions.
  • You can now change the button assignment to perform “Enter” operations from the Circle button to the X button. Select (Settings) > [System], and then select the checkbox for [Use X Button for Enter]. This option is available only for specific countries and regions.
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