PS4 Firmware Version 4.50 Available Tomorrow with Extra Boost for the PS4 Pro

After an extensive beta earlier this year, Sony finally announced that we would all be receiving the benefits of software version 4.50 in an update tomorrow.

The newest features start with a boost mode for the PS4 Pro. Although it may not work for all games, some games without performance patches may still see better, or at least more solid, frame rates. The games may even load more quickly. If there are any issues, you can always turn off the boost mode, and it will perform as if you were playing it on a vanilla PS4.

The next confirmed feature is better 2D on PS VR. When you bounce back to the menu after playing a VR game, the menu will now look much sharper. In Cinematic Mode, if you are using a small or medium screen, it will now boost the Hz from 90 to 120.

The last set of new improvements go to helping you stay connected when you are not in front of your black cube of gaming wonder. There will now be voice chat for remote play on PC, Mac, or Xperia devices. The PS App, PS Messenger, and PS Communities apps will show if you are logged into PSN, but away from your system. They will also let you shoot quick responses to party invites to let people know you cannot join them right now.

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They had previously detailed features such as external HDD support, custom wallpapers from screenshots, 3D Blu-ray support for PS VR, and other improments to the notifications will be coming in version 4.50. This is a big update, and it is good to see Sony support VR, the PS4 Pro, and more storage to hold everything we need for those devices.

With 4.50 locked for tomorrow, what new features and improvements do you want for Sony to put in the next update for the console? Let us know your suggestions in the comments. Maybe, Sony will see it and add it to 4.6. Probably not, but it does not hurt to dream. 

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