PS4 Price Drop For Japan, But Will the West Follow?

Sony has announced that it is dropping the MSRP of the PS4 Pro in Japan, from ¥‎44,980 to ¥39,980. But so far a similar announcement seems unlikely for the West.

The news comes as the high-spec console reaches its second birthday, and the once distant PS5 looms nearer. It is only to be assumed that the company are wanting to prolong sales for as long as possible and encourage players to continue to make the switch. And maybe that’s why we’re seeing so many themed console bundles hitting the shelves.

In total, the saving is worth around $50, which isn’t too far off the price of a newly released game so it will make the reduction almost a shop deal in its own right – buy the Pro and get a game free, sort of thing. We can imagine that proving quite the hit, as it would too on more western shores. But could there be a sting in the step for the USA and UK?

So far this year those two countries are feeling the Pro pinch. Stock levels are almost constantly low and once they do sell out, restocking is taking longer than average. If Sony have more of a surplus in Japan, or maybe just healthier levels, then reducing the price will see them selling more and making a bigger profit in the long term than if they simply left them gathering dust on store shelves. Conversely in the west, there is a higher demand than supply, which means the only thing they need to do to encourage sales is make more consoles. We’re practically waving our cash at the display boxes, saying “please take this for that”.

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Japan will also see further discounts.

The Kingdom Hearts III bundle, which was only recently announced, will now be priced at ¥48,780 (around $430), whilst anyone buying Call of Duty Black Ops 4 with a Pro between October 12th to 21st will practically get the game for free – the duo will come in at ¥42,280. Sony also shared the news that they are planning on making the glacier white model a more common model compared to its current status as limited edition.

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