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PS4 Pro Will Bring SATA 3.0 Along With 4K This November

Two of the major issues some people had with the original PS4 were the awful WiFi card and use of the outdated SATA 2.0. Sony has already stated the new PS4 models (Slim and Pro) have updated AC WiFi cards to allow for 5 GHz and better range. However, the firm has been relatively tight-lipped on whether it would upgrade the SATA Interface on the yet to be released PS4 Pro.

SATA 2.0 maxes out at around 300 MB/second while the SATA 3.0 on the other hand doubles that for 600MB/s. For a company that allows and encourages people to swap out the stock hard drive for larger storage, the use of this old tech was most likely a cost cutting move. At the time PS4 came out, solid state hard drives – or SSD’s – were too expensive to justify an upgrade. Mainly because they cost as much as the system for any size over 120GB.


Companies like Seagate released Hybrid Drives that would combine old and new tech, allowing for larger storage than regular SSD’s, but at the same time increasing read/write speeds by having a small SSD cache on the drive. This allowed people to have a compromise between size, speed, and price. Let’s say you were like the author of this article and put an SSD into the first generation PS4, because the system was limited by the SATA 2.0 interface. It almost wasn’t worth the purchase due to only marginally improving load times here and there. But now according to an interview on 4Gamer.net, Sony has confirmed that we will be getting the upgraded interface on the PS4 Pro. With SSD prices dropping everyday, and the inclusion of the faster interface, Sony has potentially fixed one of the most pressing issues players had with the original PS4.

Will you be upgrading your hard drive this holiday season? Leave a comment below and let us know.

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