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PS4 Remote Play Might Be Coming to iOS and Android

Earlier today, Sony announced that the latest PS4 system software update, version 3.50, would be releasing sometime on April 6th. The new update brings a few nice features but the one that stands out among the crowd is that you’ll be able to use remote play on your PC and Mac computers and laptops.

Remote play has been available for some time on PS Vita, though with limited functionality on the PS3, it really did come into its own with the PS4. Since then, there’s been remote play for select Sony Xperia phones that run Android. Many players have hoped and dreamed that Sony would release an official app for Android and iOS rather than locking the feature behind an unremarkable line of smartphones.

Well, it would seem that time is almost upon us. Or maybe it’s not. Depends on what you think of the video below. Some dude on YouTube who goes by the name of ‘Dustin Turner’ (might even be his real name. Hi, Dustin!) has posted a video that shows the PlayStation app running on an iPhone. Nothing particularly spectacular there, apart from the bit where it shows remote play as an option. Now, before you go mental and start dreaming of remote playing in the bath with your phone, there’s some caution that needs to be taken. This could well be a fake. With today’s technology it’s easy enough to fake just about anything and everything, so while it certainly looks the part, don’t take it as gospel.

Still, we’d be surprised if Sony wasn’t at least working on a universal app for iOS and Android devices. Like, c’mon, it’s just common sense, isn’t it?

[Update: Dustin has uploaded a couple more videos showing the remote play icon being present in the iOS version of the PlayStation App. The second video show him deleting the app, then reinstalling it only to find that the remote play icon has disappeared. Perhaps this was a glitch of a currently locked feature? Perhaps it was an elaborate hoax? We’ll have to wait and see. New video is below the first one.]

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