PS4 Sales Slip Ahead of PS5 Release

On the same day that we find out that Sony has added a PlayStation 5 information sign up page to its website, we also learn that PlayStation 4 sales are starting to decline. It’s hardly surprising, as gamers start to save up their pennies ahead of the next generation, but it is the first slip we’ve seen so it’s significant nonetheless.

The question is will this slip in income have any notable effect on the corporation, or is this a rainy day they’ve been saving for? I assume it’s the latter, but any loss in turnover must be felt to some degree, surely – no matter how large the company.

The figures released are for the third quarter in this yearly period, which includes the very profitable Christmas holiday. And they clearly show a drop of 20% in sales compared to the same time of year just twelve months previous. In fact, the 6.1 million consoles they did sell is the lowest figure in a while.

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Now, like I said, people are starting to save up for the PlayStation 5. But at the time, that was still a year away, which makes the sharp decline rather confusing. I would have thought there was still a large enough population growing into the video gaming age that the transition wouldn’t have been so noticeable. Especially as it can part exchanged come December, and games should be transferable if the rumours of backwards compatibility are true.

It’ll be interesting to see if the upcoming big releases (Final Fantasy, Cyberpunk 2077 and The Last Of Us Part II, for example) might reignite the demand. Otherwise, production of the PlayStation 4 will be coming to a sharp end next year.

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