PS4 Update 4.07 Brings Even More “Quality” to Your Console

PS4 Update 4.07 Brings Even More “Quality” to Your Console

Sony has released a brand new update for the PS4 today, version 1.07. The new update, which is around 312MB in download size, supposedly brings more quality to your system.

We used to ridicule Sony for it’s constant “stability” update, but since a few updates ago the platform holder has decided to change its wording on such updates and now refers to them as “quality” updates.

As you can imagine, then, the new update’s patch notes read just like the previous update: Improves the quality of the system performance. Yep, nothing special here. Bear in mind, however, that if you want to take your console online for multiplayer gaming, or if you want to use the PlayStation Store, you’ll need to have the latest update installed.

Do you miss the updates of old? The times when Sony would assure us that our consoles were even more stable than if they were glued to a table? Reminisce down in the comments section below.

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