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PS4 Update 4.50: PS4 Pro Gets a Boost, PSVR Gets 3D Blu-Ray, and We All Get External HDD

Wow, the time has finally come: Sony has announced today on the PlayStation Blog that the PS4 firmware update version 4.50 will bring in support for external hard drives, some years after the competing machine – Microsoft’s Xbox One.

So if your current PS4 hard drive is bulging and there’s not much room for anything, you’ll soon be able to just connect¬†a compatible external hard drive and download your games to it. Handy, no?

That’s not all though. PS4 Pro owners will get a nice little extra feature that’ll allow the PS4 to run non-PS4 Pro supported games a little better, or at least that’s what the case appears to be. It’s unlikely that your 30 frames-per-second games will suddenly get a bump up to 60 fps, but it should make games that had shaky frame-rates a little more stable.

And for PSVR players there’s an extra little treat in store with the 4.50 update: 3D Blu-Ray support. That’s a pretty cool feature to have, right? It’s just a shame that this writer is a Netflix junkie and only own a couple of random Blu-Ray movies…

For those of you who signed up to take part in the PS4 firmware update 4.50 beta, it starts today, so check your emails to see if you’ve been selected to take part. Psst, we have!

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