PS4 Update 8.00 Out Now, PS5 Support for PS Remote Play App

PS4 Update 8.00 Out Now, PS5 Support for PS Remote Play App

There’s a brand new firmware update out today on PS4, and it’s version 8.00. This update, unlike the many others that have come before it, is actually quite interesting and more than the usual “stability” updates that we’ve become used to.

The PS4 8.00 update brings support for new pre-set avatars, meaning you’ll have more choice when it comes to choosing how you’re represented. Changes are also being made to parental controls as well as the Party and Messages features, with the latter two now being more closely linked.

2-step verification has also been revamped. The security feature now allows for third-party authenticator apps to be used, which should make things easier for some.

A big change is coming to the PS4 Remote Play app, too. From today, the app will be renamed ‘PS Remote Play’ and the option to connect to a PS5 is being added in preparation for the release of the PS5.

The download size for PS4 update 8.00 is around 487MB, so it’s not too big. The update is rolling out today so if you don’t already have it – sit tight, it’ll arrive soon.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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