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PS4 Update Version 4.01 is Live, Makes Things More Stable and Fixes Remote Play

There is a new update for the PS4 today, firmware update version 4.01.

Unfortunately the update isn’t anything massive, so don’t get too excited. The new update is pretty small and will only take up a few MBs of bandwidth and a few seconds to install.

So, what does the update do? It makes things more stable. Yes, it’s a stability update. Nothing more. Nothing less. Quite mundane by all accounts.

Bear in kind that you’ll need to apply this update to be able to use online features such as the store or online multiplayer.

Update: We’ve since found that the new update fixes Remote Play between the PS4 and PS Vita. Ever since the big 4.00 update, PS Vita Remote Play has been buggy with it kicking players off when the TV connected to the PS4 is turned off. We’ve given it a quick test at Pure PlayStation HQ and all seems to be in working order again. Balance has finally been brought to the for- er, whatever.

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