PS4 Users Make up More Than Half of the Dirty Birdies Who Use Pornhub on Consoles

We’ll just come right out and say it. We don’t judge! In fact we may have kind of technically helped. Anyway, the website that provides “relief” recently held a year in review and out of all the consoles, PlayStation 4 drives in the most traffic. More than all the other platforms combined at 53% of traffic share. The next closest system is the Xbox One at 34%. Suspiciously, the Wii U is absent from their records but the original Wii accounts for 7% of traffic and the 3DS makes up 5%. Everyone’s favorite but least supported handheld, PS Vita, rounds up the remaining 1%. You can check out the data thanks to the handy graph below.





Pornhub officials also released a handful of other gaming related data such as: Overwatch searches rising up 447% days after its May launch, Pokemon related queries reaching over 271% back in July, and a list of the most popular video game characters that were sought after. Lara Croft, Tracer, and Zelda make up the top three with over six million searches in 2016. Not surprisingly, quite a few Pokemon and Overwatch characters topped this list. You can check out those gaming statistics and a whole lot more by clicking the source link below. Don’t worry, it leads to a blog with the only NSFW content being the word ‘PORN’ on every graph. You won’t be bothered by a bunch of ads either…not that we would know either way…

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Let us know how these stats make you feel or better yet…don’t. Rather, feel free to give us your opinion on the matter in the comments below! We have to imagine a PlayStation site attracts PS4 owners and surely there must be some connection to all this.

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