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PS4’s Filthy Lucre Gets 1.02 Update; Stability Fixes, Combat Tuning and More…

Oi Oi, Savaloy! You may remember our recent feature on Filthy Lucre, and it’s subsequent Review. We loved the game for its old-school stealth vibe, but it wasn’t without a few technical hiccups. Well old Uncle Ronnie’s been listenin’ in on you ‘orrible, whinin’, set of mugs, and he’s got a little surprise for you. Or in other words, Fabrik Games have released their 1.02 update today for US & EU players, and it comes with a few appreciated fixes. Read on for more;


Fabrik Games tweeted the above patch notes earlier on this afternoon, announcing some much appreciated fixes to their PS4 game, Filthy Lucre. As seen in the notes, a couple of the bugs we pointed out in our review have now been ironed out; including the sometimes missing collectible antique from the first mission. To top it off, there’s been some fine tuning to combat and enemy AI, and the audio has been remixed for 5.1 surround sound.

Our reviewer, Dom O’Leary, has booted up the game to see if the updates make a tangible difference and he had this to say;

“Today’s update is not a game-changer, but some of the tweaks to AI and combat are noticeable straight away. Shotgun-wielding enemies have been slightly nerfed in terms of fire rate, so they’re no longer quite as deadly, and AI is a little sharper. The bug fixes are more significant to me, I appreciate the developer’s efforts to iron out some of the flaws in this otherwise enjoyable game. I continue to play and enjoy Filthy Lucre, hope to see some of our readers in co-op putting the new AI to the test!”

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Filthy Lucre is available now in the EU and US via digital download through PSN. Come tell us about your heisting capers in the comments below, do you think Filthy Lucre lives up to our billing? Have the updates changed your opinion? Let us know!  


Those Filthy fellas at Fabrik Games sure know how to pique our interest, in a tweet to one of our writers, they’ve teased some more ‘significant’ stuff to come for their game:


We assume this refers to the upcoming PC release and the subsequent updates it will be bringing to PS4, which we’re told include new features. We’ve reached out to the developer to see if we can get you some more concrete information. Keep it Pure PlayStation for the news as it unfolds. 

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