PS5 Accessories Release Date is October 30th via Best Buy (You Can Order Them Now)

While the PS5 may still be releasing on November 12th in North America, you’ll be able to hold a little bit of next-gen in your hands a little earlier as retailers will most likely be selling the accessories before the PS5 releases.

North American retailer Best Buy has listed the range of PS5 accessories on its website with October 30th release dates, which is almost 2 weeks before the PS5 is due to be officially released. Some items are dated a little differently, mind you, with the DualSense charging station listed as November 7th. The majority, including the controller, camera, remote, and headphones are set for October 30th.

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What’s more is that you can actually go ahead and order yourself whichever accessories you want right now. I’ve managed to put an order through for a DualSense controller and the payment has gone through and confirmed. Obviously, I’ll be refunding it (I live in Europe) but they are there if you want them. Good to know, isn’t it? At least if you can’t actually get hold of a PS5 console this side of Christmas, you’ll still be able to flex to your mates with a PS5 controller. Just, eh, don’t let them around to see your PS4 painted white…




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