PS5 Backwards Compatibility Will Support PS4 Players

PS5 Backwards Compatibility Will Support PS4 Players

A lot has been said about the PS5’s backwards compatibility. But we’ve all been worried that our friends who choose not to upgrade their console on launch will be crossed off our friends list. Luckily, Sony has put the record straight and they’re going nowhere. Unless you want them to, that is.

There had been concern that those playing PS4 games on the PlayStation 5 wouldn’t be able to access online multiplayer if their friends were playing PlayStation 4 games on the… PS4. But during the recent investor q&a session, the company were keen to stress just how important the entire community is to them. And maintaining that is a priority; that comes in the form of proper cross-generation compatibility.

Now I suspect we’ll be seeing a lot more of these news releases over the coming weeks, as we approach the inevitable unveiling. But until the curtain is raised on the actual product, we’re left a little in the dark as to what’s what. Maybe it will be a levitating device, the size of a penny, that you control with your mind?

When do you think we’ll be seeing the PS5? And are you even done with your PS4? Put your thoughts down in writing in the box below.

Source: Twin Finite

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