PS5 Could Cost Upwards of $450, PSVR 2 Likely to Release After PS5 Launch

With Sony remaining tight-lipped about its PS5 plans, it’s down to insiders and leakers to spill the beans on what’s going on with Sony’s next-gen machine. We’ve already heard that the console could face stock shortages, or even be delayed, due to the ongoing Coronavirus outbreak, but we’ve not really heard much about pricing.

Bloomberg reports that due to manufacturing costs, the PS5 could be a tad more expensive than originally thought. With new phones releasing every year, there’s competition for the parts that make up both mobiles and home consoles, which could drive the price of the PS5 up to $450, potentially even more. This isn’t great news and it’s not what anyone wants to hear. The PS4 released for a fairly-priced $399, and these days you can pick up the top-end model, the PS4 Pro, for a lot less.

Bloomberg also reports that people in the know have said the PSVR 2 will most likely release after the PS5 has launched. This is a fair assumption to make, really. If the console itself is going to be expensive, it doesn’t make sense to put out a similarly expensive headset at the same time. It simply won’t sell.

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However, not all hope is lost on the VR front. The PSVR will work with the PS5, according to Sony, so PSVR owners should still be able to get a few more years out of their current model. Still, a new headset for a new machine would be great, considering the advances that have been made in tracking technology. You have to remember that by the time the PS5 does release, the PSVR’s current camera/light-based tracking system will be a decade old. Let that sink in. A decade. Would you still use a gamepad made a decade ago? Nope.

Source: Bloomberg

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