PS5 Custom Plates To Be Saved By GoFundMe

Players who wanted to customize their PS5 consoles could yet have hope after a website abruptly cancelled pre-orders on its custom faceplates, the potential solution comes as the owners look at crowdfunding.

While previously operating as, the website was forced to end production of custom faceplates, available in an assortment of colours including the highly requested black shell. The shutdown was imposed after Sony threatened legal action on the grounds that the faceplates fell under intellectual property; hopes of those who wanted a black PS5 had been dashed.

However, reports suggest that the website, now rebranded as has plans to lobby for Sony’s authorisation through crowdfunding. After asking followers on Twitter if they would be interested in a GoFundMe alternative, it would seem it has committed to this path. It’s been said that full details will be revealed on the site’s social media platforms, with no word at the time of writing.

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Following the original pre-order issues, the owners of the company stated that they would be wiser on the trademark and product laws with regards to dealing with console skins in the future. Legal issues haven’t yet been solved, but there is hope that crowdfunding could create a path going forward. Reports also have an individual from a third-party peripheral company backing claims stating that Sony will have a minute chance of preventing custom faceplates in the long-term.

As Sony’s official teardown revealed, the original white faceplates are actually designed to be removable for access to the storage expansion slot and in order to remove dust. Therefore, it probable that it will only be a matter of time before we see more and more of these designs in the wider market, with Sony possibly looking to capitalize on the demand with their own official releases.

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