PS5 Delay Could Happen Due to Coronavirus Outbreak

Who knew that a virus could be so bad that it affects not only the respiratory system of its poor host but also the possible future gaming system of its poor host.

As the Coronavirus spreads and infects more people daily, there’s an ongoing chance that production of electronics in China could be delayed to the point that planned console releases could be pushed back, resulting in a release date change for new consumer electronics.

Sony and Microsoft are both planning to release their new consoles, the PS5 and Xbox Series X, later this year, but those plans could be buggered by the Coronavirus. According to Business Insider, investment firms are already warning that new consoles could be delayed from their original Fall/Christmas release window if the outbreak can’t be contained. One investment company, Jeffries Group, warns that if production is slowed down by just one month, production of new consoles could be hampered and it could lead to a delay or stock shortages.

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Obviously that would be a less-than-ideal thing to happen, but really, the real focus should be on the ongoing spread of the new virus. People are dying. It kind of puts things into perspective, doesn’t it? So be warned: you may not be playing a new PS5 this Christmas, but some poor kid in another part of the world might be missing a parent this Christmas. Think about that before you go whining on social media about not having your plastic box on time.

Source: BusinessInsider

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