PS5 Development Kit Looks Like a Proper Futuristic Console – And It’s Totally Real

We’re still very much stuck in this generation of consoles, and with some heavy-hitters yet to release on Sony’s PS4, thinking about the inevitable PS5 seems a little premature. However, it is coming and the rumours are that this time next year we’ll be just weeks away from the PS5’s release.

It makes sense, then, that developers would already have their hands on some next-gen hardware. A recent leak, picked up by Dutch gaming website Let’s Go Digital, shows what the supposed development kit looks like thanks to a patent registered by Sony. At first glance it looks like fresh bullshit. However, the story gets deeper. While the futuristic kit may look wildy unrealistic, a developer from Codemasters has claimed on Twitter that the studio has a few lying around and that it looks just like the patent picture. The story gets deeper still, as that developer has since deleted his tweets, indicating that either he’s full of it or he wasn’t supposed to be talking publicly about next-gen hardware. No doubt there are NDAs in place between Sony and partner studios working on the next-gen machine, so perhaps he’s been sent to the naughty step and told to stay off Twitter.

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I should point out that development kits rarely resemble final retail builds. Development kits are typically big and bulky, built not for their pretty looks but instead to be used and abused by developers to get their next-gen games up and running. While such a strange-looking console would be pretty awesome, it’s unlikely that the PS5 will go with such a radical design. I could be wrong – and I’d love it if I was – but I don’t think this is what we’ll be seeing under our televisions next year. Still pretty cool, mind.

Source: Let’s Go Digital, Twitter

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