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PS5 Devkit Image Has Leaked, Looks Like the Real Deal

Remember when the PS5 development kit was originally leaked online? It resembled a V, kind of like the Roman Numeral for the number 5. We only had a patent image and a fan-made render, but now we’ve got what looks like an actual image of the unit itself, via YouTube channel Zone of Tech.

The image shows what is supposedly a first prototype development kit that developers are using to build their games for PS5. The image, which you can see down below, looks a lot like the initial leak, albeit with an actual piece of plastic instead of a computer-made render.

It’s worth bearing in mind that development kits and final retail units rarely look anything alike. That being said, I can kind of see Sony releasing the PS5 looking how it does down below, albeit minus all the extras that are used for developers.

It’s also worth noting that this could be an elaborate fake knocked up by somebody looking to fool the gaming media and make us all look like a bunch of tits. Fair play, if that’s the case because it’ll be the best fake to-date.

You can watch Zone of Tech talk more about the leaked image in their video through here. The guy looks like Spider-Man, though not the latest one but the Andrew Garfield one. Just thought I’d put that out there. Good luck watching that video without thinking “damn, he does look like Spider-Man.”

Source: Zone of Tech

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