PS5 Devkit Image Has Leaked, Looks Like the Real Deal

Remember when the PS5 development kit was originally leaked online? It resembled a V, kind of like the Roman Numeral for the number 5. We only had a patent image and a fan-made render, but now we’ve got what looks like an actual image of the unit itself, via YouTube channel Zone of Tech.

The image shows what is supposedly a first prototype development kit that developers are using to build their games for PS5. The image, which you can see down below, looks a lot like the initial leak, albeit with an actual piece of plastic instead of a computer-made render.

It’s worth bearing in mind that development kits and final retail units rarely look anything alike. That being said, I can kind of see Sony releasing the PS5 looking how it does down below, albeit minus all the extras that are used for developers.

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It’s also worth noting that this could be an elaborate fake knocked up by somebody looking to fool the gaming media and make us all look like a bunch of tits. Fair play, if that’s the case because it’ll be the best fake to-date.

You can watch Zone of Tech talk more about the leaked image in their video through here. The guy looks like Spider-Man, though not the latest one but the Andrew Garfield one. Just thought I’d put that out there. Good luck watching that video without thinking “damn, he does look like Spider-Man.”

Source: Zone of Tech

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