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PS5 Exclusive Timothy’s Night Out Today

Gangsters vs. Aliens

There’s an alien invasion happening on PS5 today and it’s all quite familiar…

WildSphere has released Timothy’s Night today for PS5 and if it looks like something you’ve seen before, that’s because it is.

The game was originally released years ago on PS4 as Timothy vs the Aliens, but Wildsphere has gone back into the game and come out with something new and improved.

This new version, releasing as Timothy’s Night, adds new enemy types, more missions, new characters, new weapons, extra vehicles, more colour, and it even extends the open-world city by 35%.

There’s also support for the PS5‘s DualSense controller, so expect haptic feedback and adaptive triggers to make the game feel different in the hand.

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On the technical side, the game runs at 4K/60fps on PS5 and it also has support for HDR. You can read and watch our first impressions here.

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