The Game Pass has proven to be a big hit for Microsoft. But Sony were less complimentary of the feature earlier in the year, stating it is completely unsustainable. Well, it now sounds like they may have had a change of heart as there are rumours circulating that something similar could be inbound for the PlayStation 5. And the company themselves are even alluding to it.

Could PS Now be getting a sibling?

It all stems from when their boss Jim Ryan was once again asked about the possibility of a PlayStation Game Pass. This time, however, instead of repeating their views on its financial impracticalities, he chose to push the question down the road a little by saying

“There is actually news to come, but just not today.”

And this has obviously got a lot of people talking – excited at the prospect of getting something that rivals the gaming subscription service offered on the Xbox. But we can’t overlook the current schemes Sony have already implemented or the lack of rationale behind such a U turn. The former has been around for some time, but is nowhere near as generous as Game Pass, whilst the latter seems to be becoming the norm for Sony and that does little for their credibility.

However, conversely, the audience is definitely there for such an initiative – especially with the rising cost of games. So, if there’s any way for them to balance the books, it’d probably be wise to do so. Otherwise, sales could become a little slow as more and more games release.

Source:  TASS

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By Hannah Ellis

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