PS5 Grants God of War Save Transfers and 60FPS, God of War III Saves Too

We’re starting to hear how the PlayStation 5 will greatly improve our gaming experience. And the latest game to lay things out for us is God of War. Apparently, up to 60 frames per second will be possible thanks to an option called ‘Favor Performance’ and your saves can even be transferred from the PlayStation 4, so you don’t lose one second of your progression. But was it ever in doubt?

I mean, would you want to tell Kratos he was going to be substandard on the next console? No, I didn’t think so. 

The graphical stability is something we’re seeing a lot of, though it does largely depend on games having an unlocked frame rate or the like. However, the ability to transfer saves hasn’t been a common feature as many games make you choose between the technical upgrade or your progression. So, that is something God of War has going for it.

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But let’s be honest, it’s certainly not the only thing. 

The good news broke on Twitter, where they also confirmed that God of War III remastered saves could be transferred as well. And unsurprisingly, the Tweet enjoyed thousands of likes in the short while after. But we’re yet to hear anything about support for visuals beyond full HD. So, hopefully, that news will follow shortly; keep your eyes tuned for more.

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