PS5 Is Second Worst Launch In Japan For Sony As Spider-Man Disappoints

The PlayStation 5 may have sold out of all its allocation in Japan. But don’t be fooled into thinking this is a compliment. That’s because it only amounts to 118,000 units over four days compared to a peak of 322,000 units for the PlayStation 4. So, it’s a bit of a drop in the ocean. However, it’s only the second worst launch for Sony in the region as the PlayStation 3 failed to sell even 90,000 in the first week. Therefore, it’s not a complete failure…

Now, if it sold every console that was available, then it couldn’t have sold any more – that is a given. But it’s still a poor show for the company in what is their home region. And that disappointment was further exaggerated by the reporting of game sales, with two specific launch titles proving extremely lacklustre.

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The first was Demon’s Souls, which only managed to sell 18,607 copies in the first week. But maybe that could be explained by the fact it’s a very niche game that puts a lot of players off. Yet, Spider-Man: Miles Morales barely did any better and that’s a bigger problem. You see, the red suited hero only sold 18,640 physical copies. Just a few handfuls more than the Soulsborne-original. And that is something I can’t explain. All I can say is, I hope the digital sales made up for it…

Meanwhile, in Japan – like the rest of the world – the PlayStation 5 remains out of stock. So, Sony may have to wait a while to break those previous sales records. Still, it’s a marathon not a sprint, right?

Source: ResetEra (quoting Famitsu)

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