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PS5 Pre-orders Break Shop Records as Stock Runs Dry

You might have noticed that it’s a little difficult to secure yourself a PlayStation 5 pre-order. That’s partly because Sony were unfair in how late in the day things were announced. But also because stock levels are still somewhat of a mystery. The console sold out within minutes on many sites, so it is hardly surprising to now read it is breaking records in the process. Let’s just hope it’s worth all the stress…

According to reports online, Amazon UK ran out after just five minutes on Thursday morning. And those lucky enough to secure a PlayStation 5 are already being told delivery is likely to be November 20th rather than the 19th. Currys have said more stock should be made available shortly after running out after ten minutes, whilst Argos have a special 404 page in place to let you down gently. Elsewhere, Smyths were also quick to get through their share of the pre-orders. And Game are being quite quiet in the confirmation department.

I mean, that paragraph just screams record breaking right?!? Even if it does feel a bit like The Hunger Games…

But unfortunately there are further downsides to all this competition than just some of us missing out. That’s because there are ads cropping up on Ebay offering you the console for a few hundred pounds more than it should cost, which just goes to show Sony hasn’t really helped anyone with their tactics. Some suggested the company were attempting to avoid an influx of bots snapping up all the stock allocated to the various retailers, something that could happen with the Xbox as it goes live at a given time on a given date. But unfair people will always find a way to prevail, and instead more of us were left ‘empty online shopping basket-ed‘ than needed be.

Whether it will all work out in the end is doubtful. Instead, we might have to start rewriting our Santa list now. At least most of the “new” games are coming out on the PlayStation 4, too…

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