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PS5 Pre-Orders Open Again From November 19th With GameStop Germany

Getting a PS5 on launch day without a pre-order will be almost impossible with stocks running empty across all retailers. But not all hope is lost in getting a PS5 before Christmas, at least if you live in Germany – but this could be a sign to come from other retailers in other territories, too.

Over on the GameStop Germany website, the company has posted a message on its PS5 pre-order page to inform potential buyers that the PS5 won’t be available to buy on launch day (November 19th) but pre-orders will open for the second wave of stock. Here’s the message, translated from German:

PS5 fans watch out!

We are very happy to announce that from November 19th more coveted Playstation 5 can be reserved here at You will be holding it in your hands in the following weeks.

On Release Day November 19. Apart from the pre-ordered consoles, no more consoles will be available.

– Your Game Stop Zing team –

Perfect. I actually live in Germany, so maybe there’s a chance of getting a PS5 this Christmas after all. So long as I’m not beaten by zee Germans….

Source: GameStop Germany

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