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PS5 Pre-Orders Open September 10th… For the £7999 24K Gold Version

We’ve not yet had any official communication from Sony about its PS5 pre-order dates or the console’s pricing, but if you’ve got more money than sense you can go ahead and pre-order a luxury version of the console from September 10th, 2020.

Truly Exquisite, a UK-based brand that makes its money by covering everyday stuff in tacky gold, has announced that it will be accepting pre-orders for the luxury PS5 on September 10th, 2020,  with the cheapest model coming in at an eye-watering £7999, going all the way up to £8299.

The firm is also offering gold-plated accessories for ridiculous prices, too, with the DualSense 5 costing £649, and the earphones at “just” £399. While for many, if not most us, this is ridiculous and not something we’d look at seriously buying, there is still something to be gleaned from this: the PS5 pre-orders may open on September 10th for us peasants, too.

Sony is yet to confirm anything about pricing or dates, whereas Microsoft has already come out swinging by announcing the Xbox Series S which will release November 10th for $299/£249. C’mon, Sony, show us what you got.

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