PS5 Sales in Japan Have Improved With Increasing Stock

The PlayStation 5’s launch in Japan looked a little subdued. But it seems like all that concern was caused by a lack of stock. Since the shops have had more to offer, sales have increased. And the overall pattern is now one of consistency.

Sony must have had a scare when the PlayStation 5’s launch in Japan was accompanied by an average uptake of units. It was even quoted as being worse than the Wii U. But – just like the rest of the world – a lack of consoles seems to have caused inaccurate predictions. That’s because things have been much healthier since stock levels have increased. And the constancy of demand seems to suggest this trend will continue. It’s just a shame supply has been so bumpy.

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On average, around 35,000 consoles are being sold every week in its home nation –  a pattern that continued throughout March and shows little sign of slowing. Obviously, it will depend entirely on whether Sony manages to keep up with demand. But at least there isn’t a ulterior motive at work. After all, we know the Nintendo Switch is proving very popular, so it could have had something to do with the downturn.

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An increase in compatible software will also be important, if this momentum is to be maintained. And longstanding franchises like Yakuza will also have to do much better on launch. You don’t need me to tell you that this generation of consoles is a close fight as it is, so simply missing a single blow could be the difference between dominance and defeat.

Source: Famitsu

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