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PS5 Specs to Be Revealed Tomorrow in Deep Dive By Sony’s Mark Cerny

After a long time of waiting, and having to put up with countless rumours, we’re finally going to know what’s inside Sony’s PS5 console as the platform holder will be doing a deep dive into the PS5 specs tomorrow, as announced today via the official PlayStation Twitter account.

Posting on the official PlayStation Twitter account, Sony announced that lead system architect, Mark Cerny, will be providing a deep dive into the PS5’s specs and architecture, and will, supposedly reveal how the system will “shape the future of games.” Bold claims.

No doubt this reveal is coming off the back of Microsoft’s Xbox Series X information blowout yesterday where the Redmond-based firm provided a full breakdown of the console’s specs, as well as some of the features that players will have to look forward to with the next generation of Xbox.

We will, of course, be providing coverage of the event, so be sure to check in with Pure PlayStation for all of your PS5 news and information.

Source: Twitter

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