PS5 System Software Update 20.02-02.30.00 Released Today

With the PS5 being such a brand new baby in OS terms, any new update brings a sense of wonder and joy which is just as quickly crushed when reviewing the release notes. A new update was released for the console and wireless controllers today, and, although it’s a good step forward in making the PS5 better, keep your pants on and expectations in check.

Version 20.02-02.30.00 starts with the usual improvement of system performance. From there we move onto a fix that allows us to transfer PS4 data to the PS5 while downloading something, fixes errors in text input, and improves connection stability with wi-fi routers. All of these are things worthy of fixing and better system performance is great. It’s too early to expect much in the way of new features.

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I’ll put the full release notes below, and you can check it out on the official page here.

Version 20.02-02.30.00

  • This system software update improves system performance.
  • Resolved an issue where data transfers and downloads were cancelled when trying to download content while a data transfer from a PS4 is in progress.
  • Some issues that were causing errors during text input in some PS4 games have been resolved.
  • The connection stability has been improved for some Wi-Fi routers.
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