PS5 System Update 21.01- Improves the DualSense Controller

Sony has released a new update today but it’s nothing special, even if it does come with a DualSense controller update.

Sony is continuing to refine the PS5 with firmware updates, as well as the fancy new DualSense controller. The latest update, released today, is version 21.01- and after typing that out, I really do miss the simple three-digit naming of the PS4’s console update. Why these long numbers, Sony? Do you hate us?

So, what does this new update do? Not much. The patch notes are the usual “this system software update improves system performance,” and nothing else. However…

Some users on Reddit are reporting that the update, which is out on the same day as a new DualSense firmware update, improves the functionality of the DualSense by removing a bug that caused the console to display the battery reading incorrectly. This has been a problem for some players for a while, though personally, I can’t say anything either way about it – I’ve not noticed and my controller is on charge 99% of the time. But, if you’re one of the unfortunate few, hopefully, today’s 900MB update will solve your DualSense problems.

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