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PS5 Will Be No More Than $499 According to Ex Xbox Exec

There’s a lot of speculation going on at the moment regarding the retail prices for the next generation  of hardware. Something that was fuelled by an accidental Amazon listing, and continues to be prolonged by the official silence from Sony themselves. But now a former industry executive is wading in with his opinion, which places the current numbers being banded around at the top end of the spectrum. Instead, he suspects, we’ll be forking out less than $499 for the PS5, which will be welcomed news for some.

Otherwise, I think a lot piggy banks would have been raided and the tooth fairy framed for such heinous crimes.

This opinion comes from Albert Penello, a person previously entrusted with all marketing responsibilities at Xbox, who believes the price may be the biggest the marker of success this time round. And that opinion does carry a lot of credibility. After all, there’s already talk of Sony making a loss from the hardware – at least initially – to encourage sales. A strategy that does place a lot of emphasis on the pricing point. And we’re all aware of the large proportion of profits that can be generated by games or accessories, which help to make such losses more easy to bear.

In fact, I’m surprised they’re still shipping the console with a controller, though don’t be getting any ideas, Sony!

The bad decisions surrounding the PlayStation 3’s pricing will also be playing on Sony’s mind. After all, that mistake cost them quite a bit to Microsoft back in the day – something they won’t want to see a repeat of after such a hearty and one-sided fourth generation. But does anyone really believe they could steamroller the Xbox again – regardless of the RRP? I think they do. However, I’d say we’re all hoping that they won’t.

Two consoles, with two strong sets of games, benefits us all: the competition keeps the companies on their toes, continuously improving, and the varied selection of software keeps us entertained. It’s a win win for all sides!

Source: GameSpot

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