PSN Deal of the Week: Ubisoft’s Trackmania Turbo on PS4

It’s already a week since we last posted the PSN Deal of the Week? Blimey, time does fly when you’re having fun, doesn’t it? Last week’s PSN Deal of the Week was 2K’s team-based shooter, Battleborn.

Well, that deal has now come to an end and has been replaced by a fresh offer. This week’s deal comes from Ubisoft and its absurdly fun Trackmania Turbo on PS4. The deal knocks 33% off the digital edition which bring it down to £19.99 rather than £29.99. It’s not a bad deal when you consider the physical editions are still going for a couple of coins more on Amazon and the like.

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If Trackmania Turbo isn’t tickling your pickle then you should go ahead and check out the other great deals that are available on the PSN.


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